About me



My professional career began in Prague in 2002. During the first two years I worked in approximately ten pizzerias , where I learned to make Italian pizza. Disgusted by the unfair relations between employers and employees, I finnaly found a good relation in the pizzeria Donna, where I worked for seven years. There I extended my pizzamaker’s skills.


In 2006 I took part at the international competition in Germany. There I won the third place in the Freestyle category. I also participated in international competition in New York (The Americas Plate), where I won the pizza acrobatics category.


In addition, I participated in the following competitions: 1 Olimpiade della pizza in Salsomaaggiore Terme, 6 ° Campionato Nazionale di Pizza Napoli. 23° Campionato Mondiale della Pizza 2014. I also performed with my pizza show on Got Talent Czech Republic.


In 2009 I founded a company to manufacture silicone pizza –  Spinning Dough.