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What is pizza acrobatics?

Pizza acrobatics (sometimes also called pizza freestyle) is an art that was founded by creative pizza chefs around 1980. The aim is throwing pizza dough. The pizza chefs throws the dough into the air and lets it fly and spin around them while the dough stretch with centrifugal force.

Pizza chefs throughout the world are constantly improving this art and today, it’s often used to attract the attention of customers. They‘re not only impressed by the art itself, but also by the actual result. If you want to attract more customers to your restaurant, then this discipline is one of the basic and simple ways of doing so. You just have to master how to toss dough and the customers will come to you from all corners. At the beginning, you can order silicone pizza so you can save on lots of spoiled dough. You can also practise at home, in the park or while on holiday. What is an expensive course for if you can learn everything in the comfort of your own home? Thanks to the pizza acrobatics, the work begins to entertain you and you‘ll gain a much larger price.


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