Welcome to the exclusive webside of Pizza acrobatics. On these pages, you can find the official products SpinninghDough in e-shop, view them up close, review their features and select to shipment them directly to your doorstep. Spinning Dough is a floppy disk used for practicing Pizza acrobatics. Spinning Dough accommodates pizza spinners of any skill level and has feeling of hand-tossed dough. You can learn how to throw dough with »MP 4 video course of pizza acrobatics«.
Spinning Dough can be sent anywhere in all world. Our company has been making silicone pizza for 14 years. During this time, we’ve made thousands of pieces which we deliver to our customers all around the world. To mention some of the countries where we’ve delivered our goods: All of Europe, Russia, Australia, Japan, China, United States of America, Canada South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Tenerife, Iceland, Santa Cruz, Las Palmas, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, Nicaragua Mexico, etc.

Our greatest desire is your satisfaction.


Frequently asked questions


1. What is Spinning Dough used for?

2. What is the Spinning Dough made of?

SpinningDough is made of a special mixture of silicones. It is non-toxic.

3. Does the Spinning Dough have the same characteristics as the real dough?

Not completely, but most of the tricks that you learn with it, you can easily use with the right dough.

4. How to clean the Spinning Dough?

SpinningDough can be washed by soap and warm water.

5. How long does Spinning Dough last?

If you prevent it from contact with sharp objects, the SpinningDough will stay fully functional for many years. Do not try to toss dough with only one finger this will poke a hole in the SpiningDough. Instead watch the video video course of pizza acrobatics and learn to spin with your hand. Always store SpinningDough in its carrying case or a pizza box.

6. What should I do if my Spinning Dough gets sticky?

Use baby powder or flour to give it the original dough feeling.



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