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SpinningDough + bag + mp4 video course of pizza acrobatics


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The colour of this silicone disk is indistinguishable from traditional dough. You can use it to practice at the workplace, and no guest will be able to tell you’re not using actual dough. The disk has 33 cm in diameter, which is ideal for practicing most pizza acrobatics tricks. It’s used both by beginners and professionals getting ready for contests.

Compared to the competition, the advantages of this product are mainly its high resistance to tearing and the natural dough-resembling shape, including the edges, which prevents you from dropping the disk too often while practicing. This product doesn’t wear off by use, and therefore will last for many years.

MP 4

This CD features 15 videos which allow you to learn pizza acrobatics tricks yourself. Some of the videos are audio-free, image only. Others were made by your friends and are explained in Italian. Each trick is demonstrated several times, and shown in extreme slow-motion as well. With this CD, learning pizza acrobatics will be a piece of cake.

Piza bag

Our silicone products can withstand a lot, but they don’t like sharp objects. That’s why we recommend you store your silicone pizza in the box in which it was delivered to you, or in this practical pizza bag.